John Blanchard

George’s ability to articulate both general concepts of what to look for as well as his remarkable detailed knowledge of many types of properties, industries and companies helped us eventually make what I believe is the most effective property exchange. What was most impressive was George’s patience. [Renz & Renz’s] support staff were very friendly and helpful, and provided a comfortable environment. I always felt welcome in the office; even the few times I dropped by unannounced I was always treated warmly.

Paul & Mary Ann Thoeny

We are fortunate to have discovered Renz & Renz Real Estate Brokerage. George and the entire staff have performed beyond excellence and extended themselves far beyond measures successfully with honor, integrity, kindness and success. Please be assured you are in good hands. We highly recommend them to you.

Jim Gattis 

I was referred to George by a long time friend and fellow developer. George is very professional. He is knowledgable, efficient and made the transaction very simple guiding me through the whole process. George helped me complete a 1031 Exchange, investing in a long-term lease NNN property in Utah.

Paul Eilert

Thank you George for locating my first Commercial Building investment back in 1994. This building was one half of a very time sensitive 1031 Exchange, which was completed successfully by you, and resulted in a very lucrative source of income for me these past 20 years. I also appreciate your help in negotiating successive leases with new tenants as old leases expired. Without question, [George] will be my ‘Go To Guy’ in any further Real Estate investments. Thank you George.

Jack Peters
Gilroy Theatre Co & Monarch Theatre Co

Almost all of my properties have been bought and sold through George Renz. I’ve known the Renz family for years. They’ve been solid, honest, reliable, real estate people and I’m happy to be associated with them. George does his homework, he investigates the property and the tenant, and the financial status of the tenant, income, he does a thorough job. The best way to put it about George is he’s low-key and no pressure. He’s done well for me. He’s low-key and honest, and that’s what I like about him.

Mario Fiorio

My name is Mario Fiorio, and I’ve lived in Gilroy since I was 3 years old which was in what, 1933. My father moved here from San Francisco. Other than that I guess I’m just like most other farmers around here. I’ve been investing with George I think just about 8 or 10 years. It’s been much more profitable. Not near as many concerns, because the things we invested in are triple-net and that seems to work out pretty good. I think his best qualities are he’s as honest as the day is long. He follows up on everything. If you have any questions and he doesn’t have the answer he finds it and gets back to you in a short period of time. If he says he’s going do something he does it and he goes even beyond what he says he’s going to do.  He’s going do what really is best for us, for the investor. He really has been a goldmine for our family at least.

Dr. Anthony J. Cedolini

I have known George Renz for over 30 years. He was a consummate student of commercial real estate some thirty plus years ago and has aspired to be not only educated but profoundly knowledgeable in all aspects of commercial real estate. He possesses a keen awareness of a "good & fair deal" and the skills requisite to consummate Win-Win transactions (i.e. leaving each side fully satisfied). In addition, he is very knowledgeable in real estate tax law and has been instrumental in helping myself and various family members save tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of tax dollars via "Sect. 1031 Real Estate Exchanges.

Robert Thorp

I have worked with George L Renz since 1994. I would recommend George, and have done to family and friends many times. Although I am a real estate broker myself, my brother, children and I have purchased several Net-Leased Single-Tenant deals through George under 1031 Exchange. We used George for his specific knowledge on investment properties and his national contacts. George helped us obtain higher incomes and simplify management intensity of our investments.

John Kinsinger

My name is John Kinsinger, and I’m an investor who’s been doing business with George Renz for about the past 6 years or so. I originally through George sold several apartment complexes here in Morgan Hill; and purchased or exchanged those into some management free triple-net commercial properties. One of the things that is probably important to most investors—particularly real estate investors—is having a broker that is of course knowledgeable and competent and equally important to me is a broker that has some creativity and has the ability to provide ideas and concepts for investment. I feel that George has been extremely professional and has shown me a great deal of integrity. Integrity to me means something like the broker will put my needs ahead of his own needs to provide himself with a commission. I’d simply say in closing that George has served me well and I am very happy with the work that he has done.

Dave Kline

Called George “Honest” with “Solid, Commercial Real Estate Understanding” Said Renz & Renz staff were “Helpful & Friendly” Said of George’s performance: “Outstanding feel for market and ability to summarize to clients.” “Works very hard to provide suitable RE candidates for purchase. I am comforted by the guidance of George on every RE move I make. I feel that I’m on solid ground.


Renz & Renz: Local Roots, National Reach. Your Investment Real Estate Source.
Renz & Renz: Local Roots, National Reach. Your Investment Real Estate Source.