Your Investment Real Estate Source

Almost all of my properties have been bought and sold through George Renz. I’ve known the Renz family for years. They’ve been solid, honest, reliable, real estate people and I’m happy to be associated with them. George does his homework, he investigates the property and the tenant, and the financial status of the tenant, income, he does a thorough job.

By: Renz & Renz

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Commercial & Investment Property Tips

There are many benefits to commercial investment property: protection of capital, creation of capital, and cash flow control just to name a few. When an investor is assessing whether or not to delve into commercial or investment property they should begin by outlining their long term intent for their capital and then seek advisors in the market who can direct them toward the appropriate product types.

By: George L. Renz

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The Fundamentals of Land Leases

While property values generally have increased over the long term, they have declined in recent years. The days of assumed automatic property appreciation are gone. In contrast, the scarcity of prime real estate in most metropolitan areas has caused land values to jump and landowners to hold on.

By: George L. Renz, Published in CIRE Magazine

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Net Lease Update

How low can you go seems to be the capitalization rate question in the single tenant net lease market. Particularly for retail properties, cap rates have reached historic lows, according to the first quarter 2015 Boulder Report, which reports a retail cap rate of 6.40 percent, 10 basis points below 4Q 2014’s rate.

By: CCIM Institute

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